Zero Resonance
Interconnect Cables

As a byproduct of Aether Audio’s commitment to the discipline of Zero Resonance design, a new series of audio cables have been developed that offer both exceptional audio performance and unprecedented value when compared to virtually any other similar cable, irrespective of price. As a result you can expect the following from each and every Zero Resonance product:

  • Significantly increased levels of micro-detail and resolution

  • A richer, more palpable rendering of delicate harmonic texture, naturalness and overall realism

  • Improved sound stage width, height & depth

  • More succinct imaging and instrument localization

  • Improved bass definition, speed and authority

  • An elimination of “electronic fog” or “haze” and/or the effect of a “veil” having been lifted from the system

Ultimate Value Series

MSRP $195.00 USD each

The Ultimate Value Series Zero Resonance Interconnect Cable (UVS-ZRIC) has few equals when it comes to the extreme performance vs. price ratio that it offers.


Ultimate Reference Series

MSRP $495.00 USD each

The URS series offers the discriminating audio enthusiast the most advanced version of Zero Resonance technology possible.