WHY You Need It

(Summary Below)

Would you prefer to have “more information” (i.e., greater resolution and detail retrieval) as opposed to “less” when it comes to the content of the sound emanating from your home entertainment system?

Duh… that’s a pretty dumb question, as otherwise you probably wouldn’t be interested in our products and/or be reading this in the first place.


So Wassup?

The playback of a (hypothetically) “perfect” recording “should” sound IDENTICAL in every way to the live event.


Phase Noise

“So what in the heck is Phase Noise? Geesh… now we have to deal with yet one more ‘new’ form of distortion?” No, not at all.


The Active Phase-Noise/Distortion Artifacts of Electrostriction & Magnetostriction

We have all heard the sound of transformer "hum" before - right? In most cases they are being powered by a 60 Hz AC utility power line (wall outlet, etc.), but what you usually hear coming from them sure doesn't sound like a clean, pure 60 Hz tone. There ya go - audible sound being generated by an electrical component directly into the air without the need for any loudspeaker. Hmm… interesting.


The Great Audio Cable Mystery

Audio cables. What dare we say? There are few subjects in the realm of audio reproduction that illicit more controversy - that’s for sure. Dismissing the skeptics that only know what they have been taught to “think,” those of us that have EXPERIENCED their differences KNOW that they are real, so there must be “something” going on. Exactly “what,” even we here at Aether Audio aren’t certain to an absolute degree, but we’re pretty convinced that once again, at least part of the phenomenon has something to do with the issue of Phase Noise.



In summary, both Passive & Active forms of Phase-Noise/Distortion are, for all practical purposes, genuine forms of DISTORTION. That’s because they are not present in the original electronic signal that we are trying to reproduce.

Although, the multitude of mechanisms that lie at the root of their origin is far different from and infinitely more complex than the more traditional forms of distortion that the field of Audio Engineering typically concerns itself with.

Therefore, except in the worst cases thereof, from the very earliest days of audio electronics manufacturing to today, as a whole the entire subject of their sources and range of effects has been mostly ignored and/or neglected. This as a consequence of conventional Electrical Engineering’s general ignorance thereof and/or inability to find a practical and affordable way to address them...  until NOW.

Next, see how Vortex Technology works to help eradicate these pesky hidden artifacts in order to help bring about a level of system fidelity that heretofore has been extremely difficult, if not completely unattainable, by any other means.