With respect to improving the performance of low-level electronic signal reproduction, the application of Vortex Technology involves the development of devices that take advantage of the unique properties of Electromagnetism that manifest as a subset of torsional forces within the fabric of Space-Time as described by Einstein-Cartan-Evans (ECE) Field Theory.

The Specifics

NASA Verifies Vortex Nature -——- of Space-Time -——

NASA Verifies Vortex Nature -——- of Space-Time -——

Based on the above principles of action, Aether Audio has developed an innovative device that is intended to help ameliorate certain heretofore “neglected” and/or “overlooked” sources of distortion and noise that work to contaminate and reduce fidelity in the realm of low-level dynamic signal reproduction as pertains to modern audio & video systems.

Specifically, the “Smith Cell” device, as we so modestly refer to it (actually, in a moment of haste we couldn’t think of anything else to call it :-), comprises a proprietary geometry of construction that employs a complex arrangement of electrically conductive and other exclusive materials. The result is a novel device that works to significantly improve audio and video system fidelity. As such, the Smith Cell can be scaled in size to take many practical forms for possible applications to the following:

  • Amplifier to Speaker Interface

  • AC Power Outlet to Component Interface

  • Analog Line-level Component/Interconnect Interface

  • Digital-to-Digital Component Interface

  • Amplifier to Headphone/Earphone Interface


As one can see, Vortex Technology has numerous areas of potential application where improvement of electronic signal transmission is desired. This is equally true with respect to other technological fields even beyond those of audio systems, wherever very low-level signals are involved. In fact, Aether Audio is in the process of identifying areas of technology that might benefit from its application for possible future product development.

In the mean time though our primary focus is that of developing products for home and professional audio systems, wherein the first offerings thereof can be found in the “PRODUCTS” section of this website.

To learn just why you need Vortex Technology to get the most from your audio system and/or the specific type of distortion and noise that it uniquely addresses, please check out the following web page: