Vortex Filter
Amp to Loudspeaker Modules

The Vortex Filter represents a new and innovative solution engineered to reclaim an area of audio system performance that heretofore has been shrouded in mystery and seldom (if ever) addressed within most engineering circles. As a result, no other conventional audio cable or accessory alone can achieve the sonic benefits commonly experienced by the inclusion of Vortex Filters in your cherished audio playback system. Typically, users can expect the following:

  • An elimination of “electronic fog” or “haze” and/or the effect of a “veil” having been lifted from the system

  • Significantly increased levels of micro-detail and resolution

  • A richer, more palpable rendering of delicate harmonic texture, naturalness and overall realism

  • Improved bass definition, speed and authority

  • Improved sound stage width, height & depth

  • More succinct imaging and instrument localization

Ultimate Reference Series (URS):

MSRP $745.00 each (mono)

The URS series offers the discriminating audio enthusiast the most advanced version possible of our Vortex Filter Amplifier-to-Loudspeaker Modules. Included is the use of the highest quality Mundorf Silver-Gold alloy materials, Gold Binding Posts and three levels of User Selectable Zobel Compensation for minimizing the effects of loudspeaker Back-EMF upon the driving amplifier.


Ultimate Value Series (UVS):

MSRP $495.00 each (stereo)

The UVS series offers the audio enthusiast uncompromised performance at an affordable price by combining two channels into a single chassis. In particular, this makes the use of two or more UVS Amplifier-to-Loudspeaker Modules considerably more practical and convenient in multi-channel surround & HT systems.