Prologue to the Journey

If you happen to be a devout audio enthusiast then you are probably the type of person that tends to keep abreast of the latest product offerings and technological advances in your particular area of interest.

That said, it’s not likely that we need to tell you how complicated the field of home entertainment systems has become. What tends to aggravate the situation even more is the myriad of “gray area” products being offered to the consumer that often seem to be based more on “pseudo-science” and marketing hype than solid engineering and honest disclosure. Then there are the prices being charged for some of these products… we don’t even want to go there.

What is all the more frustrating for companies like Aether Audio is the fact that while there are a handful of us that genuinely try to push the “technological envelope” in order to advance product and system performance, we frequently find ourselves being “lumped in” together with those that put product sales and profits ahead of an honest desire to make a difference. Therefore, in an effort to possibly avoid such pitfalls we believe that our only recourse is to provide as much disclosure as possible. Unfortunately, for many the degree thereof that we provide herein is certain to be considered excessive.

In defense though, it is our view that one can always choose to simply ignore information that they have no interest in, but if they have a desire to know the finer details and the information is not provided then they are left to their own devices in an attempt to discern whether or not the product being advertised and/or the people behind the product are legitimate or not. The primary goal of any manufacturer should be to do all they can to provide as much product information as possible to their potential customers.

In light of the above we ask that you please bear with us, as that is why we offer as much technical information as we do, and it is also why we reference so many technical and other external sources. You may have little interest in much of it and in some cases probably find it to be a bit overwhelming - especially if you don’t have a background in the fields of science, physics and/or electronics. Nevertheless, we provide what we do because we want potential customers to have as much information as possible to base their purchasing decisions on.

You see, we believe that an educated consumer actually makes for the best customer because then the product tends to sell itself. We’re engineers here and not salesmen, and even though working in sales is an honorable profession we’d rather expend our time and energies in an attempt to pursue and unlock the mysteries of nature, in contrast to focusing on the more “practical” aspects of everyday life like “business.”

We suppose that we feel that way because life here in this “plane of existence” is limited by the sands of the hourglass, but of the mysteries to be revealed there will be no end. Yes, there is a need to be practical as everybody has to make a buck to survive, but whatever regrets we end up having at the end of it all, we suspect few will have much to do with the amount of money that we made along the way. Basically, “you can’t take it with you,” so why not have fun so long as you are able to get by in the process?

Finally, there is one practical matter that necessity dictates we have but little choice to address. In that, we ask that you please forgive the somewhat “vague” nature regarding the following technical explanations and construction details of our products. Everything we share is true, but not everything is easily inferred or visualized. Obviously we’re not in a position to be technologically competitive with the likes of Apple, Microsoft or Boeing, so our products are not going to be so complex in their design as to require the equivalent of a PhD. in physics in order to reverse-engineer them. Nevertheless, as you will see based on the nature of our technical “jargon,” we’ve done our best to see to it that it wouldn’t hurt. Hey, everybody loves a good mystery - right?

The sad truth of the matter is that it has been with good reason much ado has been made in the news recently regarding foreign businesses entities, often backed by their governments, “misbehaving” in the global marketplace. Nothing too serious mind you; just “little things” like commandeering professional reputations without permission and/or committing outright corporate theft of Intellectual Property by covert acts of espionage. Then acts of reneging on business deals after technical disclosure has been made have become pandemic - not to mention foreign companies engaging in blatant efforts to reverse-engineer and mass-produce illegitimate copies of American products, as well as those of many other nations across the globe.

Not immune ourselves to the above and thus having learned the hard way, we too have fallen prey to a pair of those four offenses in the recent past. True as ever, “the wolf is always at the door” and he’ll eat your damn lunch (if nothing else) if you turn your back on him for a frick’n New York second. Therefore, “screw me twice - shame on me”… we “gotta do what we gotta do” to protect ourselves. We hope you understand. THANKS & ENJOY!!!