Our Mission

Aether Audio is a small business comprised of family, friends and industry associates that, working together, are dedicated to the idea that modern science, as it applies to the fields of audio research and engineering, has not yet “divined” all of the answers and still has some distance to go in the process of discovering how to accurately and convincingly recreate the sonic illusion of a live musical performance in our homes and professional venues.

What makes the entire task all the more difficult is that human hearing is a very subjective process and yet, one cannot simply dismiss the experience of any given listener or group thereof as being less acute or “correct” than those of others. And although standard scientific methods such as A/B testing and basic measurement protocols have their place in the process and should be used as trustworthy tools along the way, we believe that due to their inherent nature such methods are fundamentally limited in their ability to serve as any final arbiter, especially in matters involving the refinement of an already excellent sound system.

In our quest to develop products of superior performance and excellent value we will leave no stone unturned and, believing in a “Causal Universe,” we will always seek our answers in nature and its underlying laws of action. Often this means stepping back and taking a deeper look into its near-unfathomable mysteries in order to explain the cause behind an effect, while remaining quite wary of the fact that basic “Correlation” alone does not imply any direct relationship between a given set of observables and any seemingly associated forms of causation.

Yet, we would be remiss if we were to simply dismiss such correlations out of hand. Therefore, in an effort to achieve a superior outcome and in lieu of any contradictory information, we will give weight to them as a first step in an attempt to develop some means of control over the phenomena. Should it be discovered at a later date that our assumptions or hypothesis are less than correct, rather than defend our error we will applaud the new discovery with the satisfaction of knowing that if nothing else, our efforts may have served a purpose by representing one option to have been stricken from the list in a process of elimination.

Whatever the case and its ultimate outcome, when every effort has been made to find the cause behind a given effect and all to no avail, we will never dismiss the observer thereof or their observations as an easy way out of the dilemma. Rather, you can rest assured that we will always continue to seek the answer while also working to find a way to incorporate what we do know in order to fulfill our goal of bringing the best possible sound to those who seek it.

Happy listening!