Our Background 

Our cumulative experience here at Aether Audio spans over four decades working in the fields of Audio Engineering, Broadcast Engineering, Technical Writing, Electronic Service & Engineering, Instrumentation & Process Control, Mechanical Design & Fabrication, Manufacturing, Web Design and Customer Service/Technical Support.


—-  Bob Smith discussing the NuForce S-9 loudspeaker.  —-

—- Bob Smith discussing the NuForce S-9 loudspeaker. —-

Starting from our teenage years (15/16), “fiddling around” with building home stereo speakers up until today, our experience in all things audio & electronics technology includes the following:

Aether Audio, TDSS,
SP Technology Loudspeakers, Inc.
& Soundsmith Audio

  • Business Ownership & Management - CEO & Senior Engineer - Technology Design & Support Services (TDSS)

  • Electro-mechanical Design - Loudspeakers & Accessories

  • Recording Studio Design, Construction & Operation

  • Live Venue Recording

  • Live Sound System Design & Engineering

  • Commercial Sound Design & Installation

  • Audio Equipment Repair & Maintenance

  • Mechanical Design & Fabrication - 3-D CAD Design & Machining Operations

  • Web Design - Consulting, Design & Maintenance

Optoma-NuForce, NuForce, WSBT-TV
Crown International & Others

  • Electro-mechanical Design - Loudspeakers, Headphones & Accessories

  • Audio Manufacturing - Design, Consulting, Technical Writing & Support Management

  • Advanced Electronics Engineering - SOTA High Power (40KW) Switching Amplifiers & SMPS

  • Television Broadcasting - Engineer In Charge (E.I.C.) (Master Control/Satellite Truck)

  • Industrial Engineering - Instrumentation & Process Control (Electronic & Pneumatic Transmitters/PID Controllers, etc.)

    Taken together, our cumulative experience spans the gamut from simple system assembly to product design, manufacturing, marketing & sales. Along the way we have also developed relationships with several prominent audio manufacturing entities & industry associates, that as time passes will help us in our ongoing effort to expand our offerings and bring innovative products to market.