Legacy Gallery

Below are listed the various products that were designed by our founder Robert A. (a.k.a. “Bob”) Smith over the last decade and a half. As you will read in the associated reviews, every product herein has been well received by both professional reviewers and private owners alike.

Similarly, you can expect no less from Aether Audio products and, generally speaking, even more. This because unlike those products of the past, we alone are in control of every aspect from concept, definition and design, to final adjustment and delivery in your home.


Optoma-NuForce HEM Series Headphones

S-9 Beech-R.png

NuForce S-9


NuForce Icon S-1

NuForce S-X PaIr.png

NuForce Icon S-X

circa 2012


Bob D.


Aether Audio Zero-Resonance Speaker Cable

circa 2015


Aether Audio Zero-Resonance Interconnect Cable

circa 2015

TP Mini Side.jpg

SP Technology Timepiece MinI


SP Technology Continuum A.D.

C2.5 Walnut on Maple copy.jpg

SP Technology Continuum 2.5