“The New Frontier in the Science of Sound.”

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Vortex Technology

“Pseudo-science”? No…
Science FACT.

Take your listening enjoyment to the next level and experience the power of the Vortex.

See WHAT it is, WHY you need it and HOW it works to improve the sound of your audio system like nothing else can.


For many, music is the one form of ART that stands as the greatest agent and purveyor of human emotional expression.

For others it is a profound SCIENCE, offering limitless possibilities of creation, conveyance, and REPRODUCTION.

In truth, both are correct as music embodies the three primary attributes of human sentience as first elucidated by the ancient Greek philosophers, and is unique unto itself in its ability to stir the deepest realms of our being.

Music is melody and logical intervals of reason (Logos). Music is timbre and tempo of perception (Pathos). Music is harmony and discord of conscience (Ethos).

Music is the “sound” of the SOUL.

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."

- Ludwig van Beethoven

Just ask the "CRICKETS… they KNOW.

The trinity of deliberate thought, empathic perception, and moral conviction are inseparable and stand together, self-evident to their (and hence, our) Divine origin.

Likewise, outfitted with science as a reasoned guide, personal observation as the final arbiter of effect and honest value as our righteous mandate, it is in that selfsame principle of interwoven UNITY that Aether Audio seeks to elevate the ART of music by advancing the SCIENCE of sound reproduction; probing the depths and pushing the boundaries of what is known as we blaze uncharted pathways into…