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The technology employed in the new Aether Audio Vortex Filters is a byproduct of the original principles upon which the earlier NuForce Magic Cube was based. Further research has led to a new, advanced geometry and optimized construction of the “Smith Cell” that has yielded a significantly improved level of performance over that of the original Magic Cube device.

-NuForce Magic Cube-

-NuForce Magic Cube-

If you are not aware or have never heard of the original NuForce Magic Cube, then you aren’t alone as the device which was produced by NuForce, Inc. had only been in production for little more than a year before it was discontinued.

There were two primary reasons for this, the first being the massive tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. That tragic event caused extensive damage to the factory that produced one of the key components used in the fabrication of the Magic Cubes. After that NuForce decided to discontinue the product because, being known primarily as an audio amplifier manufacturer, the Magic Cube represented only an audio accessory and therefore did not generate sufficient sales to warrant the cost and effort that would have been required to locate a new supplier.

Years have since passed, but we never abandoned the technology. Rather, we have continued in our research and have worked to further refine it, and in the process have found ways to modify the fundamental geometry of the “Smith Cell” component that was the heart of the Magic Cube in ways that have since yielded significantly improved performance over that of the former device. These achievements are not a trivial matter either because the reviews of that earlier device were extremely positive in their own right. Now that we have “upped the game” in the form of the Vortex Filters, you can trust that they will bring even greater enhancements to the performance of you audio playback system.

For further information regarding the Stereo Times reviews of the original NuForce Magic Cube, just click on the links below. For your convenience we have also provided screen shots of those reviews below the links:

Stereo Times Review of the NuForce Magic Cubes
by Frank Alles

Stereo Times Review of the NuForce Magic Cubes
by Mike Silverton

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